Public Affairs & Engagement

Laventure has developed deep ties in several industries, local communities, and with key influencers of North Dakota, and has a proven reputation to help organizations engage with stakeholders and pursue  legislative and regulatory objectives across the state. We develop strong client relationships and understand their specific goals to build political and media strategies that achieve results.

Laventure provides key relationship development, on the ground intelligence, engagement strategies, public and media affairs, state and local lobbying, federal/state/local advocacy campaigns and business and bid development connections and strategies. 


Lobbying & Regulatory

Whether legislation, local ordinances or regulatory policy, Laventure assists its clients in developing, drafting and recommending policies that encompass government agencies, industry partners, and, when possible, opposing stakeholders. Policy development is a process, rather than a single event. Our expert knowledge of the legislative and regulatory policy process helps clients navigate through the maze of steps needed for successful policy implementation.

Laventure has decades of experience to help create a political strategy for your issues. We can help guide you through bill preparation and drafting, prepare testimony for a committee hearing, or be your eyes and ears in the Capitol. 


Advocacy & Outreach

Laventure’s heart lives in advocacy. The firm has been involved in business and community groups across North Dakota for more than 15 years. Our experience includes running long-term advocacy programs, and executing short-term local, state, and federal efforts for healthcare issues, ballot measures and more. 

While Laventure firm can scale quickly, it specializes in digging deep and going beyond close relationships to find the right advocates on an issue, whether at the grassroots or grasstops level. Laventure’s grassroots approach and technology infrastructure gives clients the power to influence elected leaders at the local and district level throughout North Dakota to achieve legislative and electoral objectives. 


Campaigns & Initiatives

Laventure has proven success in partnering with candidates to win local, state and federal elections. With several decades of experience working with candidates to win elections, Laventure is the trusted advisor campaigns need to gain public and political traction.

We work closely with candidates to help develop and execute an encompassing campaign management plan that reaches voters. Our full-service campaign consulting helps candidates develop critical campaign strategy, messaging and media affairs, print mail, digital advertising, social media management, website development, and video production.


Earned Media Strategies

Laventure has a keen understanding of North Dakota media outlets across the state and how to communicate with each, to ensure the public and media understand and garner excitement for your organization’s efforts. 

Our communication and media strategy services include public engagement, special community initiatives, crisis communications, media coaching and media and press releases. Laventure experts create the right messages for your organization to connect and engage the right stakeholders.


Public Opinion Surveys

Surveys offer a great way to get fast, reliable insights from real people across the web — allowing you to make more informed business decisions, understand your marketing impact, and keep a pulse on the health of your brand. Your organization can gain public and market data in a fraction of the time and cost it takes for traditional research.

Laventure will design your survey and develop your target audience. When deployed, your survey can ask one or more questions to real people who answer your questions to gain access to premium content on the internet. A summary report is prepared to make it easy to share with your team and incorporate this knowledge into your business plan. 

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